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Tooth Extraction
Palo Alto, CA

Image of dental extraction tools at Palo Alto Oral Health.Extracting, or pulling, teeth is a common dental procedure.

Most patients will have their wisdom teeth, also known as their third molars, removed sometime in their life. Many other patients will have a tooth extracted due to poor placement, or due to decay.

At Palo Alto Oral Health, we can extract the necessary teeth and assist in any further treatment planning.

Schedule an evaluation, we would love to review your oral health status and make recommendations, which may include an extraction, to restore your oral health.

How are tooth extractions done?

A dental extraction is the removal of a tooth entirely from its socket. This is generally done because the current placement of health of the tooth compromises the patient's health, or because its placement can cause damage.

To do this, we begin with first numbing the patient in order to reduce any discomfort. An extraction can be categorized as either non-surgical or surgical.

A non-surgical extraction means that we were able to pull the tooth in one piece entirely from the socket because it was not partially under the gum line, not broken, and not decayed. There was no cutting needed.

A surgical extraction means that it was necessary to make cuts in the soft tissue around the tooth in order to fully remove it.

This may be due to the tooth being impacted, being fractured so that there is not enough of the crown above the gumline to grab onto, the tooth being difficult to get a hold of due to placement, or the tooth being badly damaged from decay making it impossible to get a good grip.

The dentist will then need to make necessary cuts in order to remove the tooth, sometimes in pieces.

What may start out as a non-surgical extraction can quickly turn into a surgical extraction. Our team will keep you informed through the process.

Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Removing your wisdom teeth is something that most people will need in their lifetime, and it is best to do while in young adulthood.

Ideally, we are able to remove the patients wisdom teeth when the tooth is large enough to have something to grab a hold of, but before the roots of the tooth have had time to fully grow, often creating a hook shape that will make the removal more painful.

We are happy to evaluate the status of your wisdom teeth and make recommendations based on your current status.

Extraction for Orthodontic Work

Your orthodontist may have recommended having a tooth removed in order to improve your bite. We are happy to work with your orthodontist to extract the necessary tooth.

Our team is happy to evaluate your dental health, the status of your teeth, and then review your options, which may include the extraction of one or more teeth.

We can then discuss a treatment plan to give you the function and aesthetic that you need.

For more information, contact our doctors at Palo Alto Oral Health by contacting our front office at: (650) 321-9693

Thank you for trusting us with your oral health. Give us a call at (650) 321-9693 .

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Tooth Extraction Palo Alto CA
At Palo Alto Oral Health, we can extract teeth that are damaged or decayed, and assist in any further treatment planning.
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