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Root Canal Treatment
Palo Alto, CA

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Root Canal Therapy Diagram by Palo Alto Oral Health Root canal treatment or endodontic treatment is a dental surgery that is done to save a badly damaged or decayed tooth. This treatment is an excellent option if you want to save a diseased or injured tooth. At Palo Alto Oral Health, we can perform a root canal treatment on you in a painless and stress-free way.

What is a Root Canal?

If you have been told you need a root canal, you may have some questions about the procedure which we can help you with here at . Root canals are one of the most common dental procedures, and dentists perform over 41,000 root canals every day.

A root canal is a procedure dentists use for a tooth that is infected, usually due to tooth decay. Once a cavity forms, it begins to eat away at the enamel of your tooth.

If it is not caught early enough, the cavity can get down into the pulp of your tooth and infect it. Root canals save the tooth from infection because if you don’t have a root canal done, you will eventually lose the tooth.

How Do Root Canals Work?

Millions of people undergo root canal treatment everyday to save their teeth. The procedure is very common and minimally-invasive and helps to relieve pain and make your teeth healthy again.

Beneath the bright white enamel of your teeth and the hard yellowish-grey layer of your dentin lies the dental pulp. The dental pulp comprises a soft tissue, including the tooth nerve, blood vessels, and connective tissues, which ensures the development of your tooth.

However, once the tooth has matured, it can survive without this pulp as it will continue to derive nourishment from the surrounding tissue.
Hence, root canal therapy may remove the tooth pulp, but it does not cause any harm to the tooth. In fact, it is the only effective way to save a tooth that has a deep infection.

Saving your natural tooth has many benefits, including:

•  Restoring your tooth’s ability to chew.
•  Restoring the natural form of your tooth.
•  Protecting your remaining teeth from wear and tear.
•  Preserving the density of the jawbone by preventing bone necrosis.
•  Preserves the structure and shape of your face.

How Do You Know You Need a Root Canal Treatment?

There are a few symptoms that could mean you require a root canal treatment. These include:

•  Severe tooth pain when biting down or chewing.
•  A severely cracked or chipped tooth.
•  Lingering sensitivity to hot and cold food.
•  Pimples in the gum indicating abscessed root.
•  Darkening of the gums.
•  Change in the color of the tooth.

How is a Root Canal Done?

While the procedure sounds complicated, it is actually not a difficult one to perform. The dentist numbs the entire area. Then the dentist will make an incision at the top of your tooth in order to get at and treat the infection.

The infected tooth pulp from the middle of your tooth is removed, and depending on the severity of the infection, antibiotics and fillers are placed inside your tooth. Usually, the dentist will also place a crown over your tooth to protect it from any further damage.

How Long Does It Take To Recover From a Root Canal Treatment?

Root canal treatment has a very short recovery time. Typically, people may only feel minimal discomfort after the surgery but this will dissipate in a few days. If needed, we may recommend some over-the-counter painkillers to relieve the soreness.

Before the crown is placed on your tooth, you also need to take care not to chew too much on the repaired tooth. However, once the crown is placed, you can eat like you normally do.

If you feel increased pain or swelling around the site of the surgery, schedule an urgent appointment with us by calling us at (650) 321-9693. However, in most cases (over 98%), people do not have any lingering side effects and the treatment is successful in saving and strengthening your tooth.

How Long Does it Take to Recover From a Root Canal?

After the root canal procedure is complete and the numbness wears off, you may experience some pain. Take over-the-counter medication for pain, and use cold packs to ease any swelling and inflammation.

Also, take it easy on your mouth for a few days. Eat soft foods that aren’t too hot or too cold. You should be feeling back to normal in a couple of days.

Will I Need a Dental Crown with a Root Canal?

There are a lot of factors that help dentists decide whether you may need a crown or not after a root canal. If your tooth is weak or discolored due to the infection, dentists will recommend a crown.

There are times when teeth are still strong after a root canal procedure, so you may not need one. Be sure and ask the dentist whether or not you will need a crown.

What Are the Benefits of a Root Canal?

The largest benefit of a root canal is that it saves your tooth. Without a root canal, the infection in your tooth will get worse. You will be in considerable pain, and there is a risk the infection will spread to other teeth, your gums, and even your jaw.

How Long Does a Root Canal Procedure Take?

It depends on the severity of the infection, but most root canals take under an hour to complete. If your tooth infection is severe, it may take more time to do the root canal, or you may need more than one appointment.

Are Root Canals Painful?

Many people with infected teeth find that they are actually in less pain after the root canal procedure than they were in before the procedure was complete.

If you are worried about pain during a root canal procedure, why not discuss your concerns with the dentist? Many dentists have medications they can use to alleviate pain either during or after the procedure.

Can You Eat After a Root Canal?

You can eat after a root canal after the numbness wears off. You will want to stick to soft foods for a day or so, and nothing too hot or too cold.

For More Information and to Schedule An Appointment!

If you are worried one of your teeth may need a root canal, we can assess your situation here at . Get in touch with us today by calling us at (650) 321-9693 to schedule an appointment.

Thank you for trusting us with your oral health. Give us a call at (650) 321-9693 .

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