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How Does Nitrous Oxide N20 Work?

Posted on 11/22/2021 by Shiv Sharma, DDS
How Does Nitrous Oxide N20 Work?Nitrous oxide (N2O), sometimes referred as a 'laughing gas', is a mild sedative that relieves pain and anxiety during dental treatment safely and effectively. N20 is a colorless, odorless gas that a dentist combines with oxygen and you inhale through a tiny mask worn over your nose. You feel laughing gas taking effect almost immediately, make sure to breathe normally.

Laughing gas, despite its name, does not always make you laugh. Nitrous oxide relaxes your nervous system, making you feel less restricted. You may have dizziness, tingling, or heaviness in your arms or legs. Finally, you should remain relaxed and at ease throughout the treatment. You might even laugh a few times.

Benefits of the Nitrous Oxide

The laughing gas is safe and effective for sedation that is why dentists choose to use it. The gas works very fast to relax patients, the impact of the gas wears off quickly and you breathe pure oxygen through the mask. The gas does not put you to sleep so you can respond to the dentist and follow instructions and any questions asked.

Nitrous Oxide and children

It is safe to use the laughing gas with children. They report a tingling and warm sensation and so the dentist wants to use it with children. Laughing gas can assist speed up operations that aren't too painful but require the kid to stay still for long periods. Some kids, however, may feel nauseated or have difficulties wearing the mask. When it comes to dental treatment, talk to the child's dentist about sedative options. The dentist will recommend the best sedation options that you and your child will need. Talk to the doctor about your medical history. Talk to our dentist and ask about how Nitrous Oxide will work with you.

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