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Dangers Associated with Brushing Too Many Times Each Day

Posted on 6/21/2021 by Shiv Sharma, DDS
Dangers Associated with Brushing Too Many Times Each DayShould you brush every time you eat something? The answer, surprisingly, is no. That is because it is very easy to over-brush. Two times a day is good. Three times is often acceptable if you have poor oral health and are attempting to repair it. However, you do want to be careful that you do not brush using too much pressure. If you brush more than three times a day, you are very likely damaging your teeth.

What Over-Brushing Can Lead Too

If you brush too much, you run the risk of damaging the enamel on your teeth. While this enamel is incredibly strong, it can be worn down over time. This is especially true if you brush right after you eat. Certain substances, including foods that are high in sugar or that are incredibly acidic, can cause the enamel to soften. If you brush after that occurs, you can easily scrape off the enamel. If you see your teeth start to change color, it is a sign that you have brushed away enough enamel that the inner dentin is showing through.

Your Gums Begin Receding

Gum recession is another sign that you are brushing too much. The gums can be damaged by over-brushing, especially if you have gingivitis. If you notice that your gum line seems to have changed, it could be due to how often you are brushing.

Long Term Dangers

While sensitive teeth and a receding gum line are immediate issues caused by brushing too much, they are just the beginning. In the long run, the damage to the enamel can lead to more cavities. If your roots are exposed and become damaged by bacteria, you may end up losing the tooth. Recessed gums also do not hold your teeth in place as well, which can cause them to come loose and fall out. Therefore, it is so important that you contact us if you start noticing any of these signs. You should also cut back on your brushing—twice a day is enough.

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