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Why a Toothache That Also Has a Fever is So Dangerous

Posted on 10/15/2019 by Shiv Sharma, DDS
Why a Toothache That Also Has a Fever is So DangerousA tender or throbbing tooth is a key sign that a problem is beginning. If you leave it untreated, what may have been an uncomplicated cavity that is removed, now becomes an infected tooth.

This causes more pain, redness, swelling, and a high fever, which tells us your body is trying to fight the infection. These are all signs of the infection becoming an abscessed tooth.  

Tooth Infection Turns into an Abscess

When a tooth is infected and left untreated, it will quickly become an abscessed tooth. This is where a small pocket of pus forms inside the tooth and as your body tries to fight it off, it swells inside your tooth. If an abscess ruptures your pain subsides shortly and think you are now starting to heal. Unfortunately, this couldn't be further from the truth. The rupture can be one of the first signs that the infection is spreading.

Dangers of Having a Fever Accompany Your Toothache

The rupture can be one of the first signs that the infection is spreading. You eventually will start experiencing a fever. This is a sign the infection is trying to spread to other parts of your body and our body reacts by heating up to kill it off. The problem is that high body temperature isn't necessarily good for your body and the good things in it.

If your fever stays above 101 degrees Fahrenheit, this can be a sign that sepsis is setting in. If the infection survives the fever and makes its way into your blood. It can cause a condition called sepsis, which can be fatal. Between one in eight patients with sepsis will die during hospitalization—as most notably Muhammad Ali did in June 2016.

The bottom line is to take care of yourself. Know these symptoms of a tooth infection spreading and its effects on the body so you'll know what to watch out for. Practice good oral care every day to reduce the risk of dealing with something like a toothache in the beginning before you risk your life contracting sepsis.

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