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What Causes Teeth Sensitivity?

Posted on 3/6/2023 by Shiv Sharma, DDS
What Causes Teeth Sensitivity?A sensitive tooth will cause sharp pain when eating, drinking, or brushing. The condition can occur due to worn tooth enamel or when your tooth roots are exposed. Other causes are a tooth cavity, chipped teeth, gum disease, or worn filling. Teeth sensitivity can be a temporary or chronic issue affecting one tooth or many. Some of the causes of teeth sensitivity include:

Tooth Decay and Chipped Teeth

Tooth decay or chipped teeth can cause the root of your teeth to be exposed, leading to sensitivity. When chewing or brushing, the nerve-rich tooth's pulp is irritated, causing pain. The crack may attract the growth of bacteria causing inflammation which will cause severe pain.

Brushing Teeth Aggressively

The gums tend to pull away from the roots when you brush your teeth with a stiff brush or use too much force. The brushing technique will wear away the enamel and expose the nerves. When you eat cold or hot substances, your nerves will be irritated, leading to severe pain.

Acidic Foods

Acidic foods such as citrus, and tomatoes, among others, will erode the hard covering of the teeth, the enamel. Wearing away the enamel will expose the dentin and weaken the gum line. After a time, the inner layer of your teeth will be exposed, exposing the nerve center, leading to pain and sensitivity.

Gum Recession

Gum recession is when the gum tissue progressively pulls away from the teeth. The condition will expose the teeth's roots, causing teeth sensitivity. If left untreated, gum recession will leave sections of your teeth exposed, leading to chronic pain.

Dental Work

Dental works include root planning, replacement crowns, and teeth cleaning, among other procedures. Such issues will lead to temporary tooth sensitivity, which will disappear within a few days. However, if the pain is too severe, discuss it with your dentist.

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