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I Received A Root Canal, How Do I Care For My Teeth?

Posted on 1/23/2023 by Shiv Sharma, DDS
I Received A Root Canal, How Do I Care For My Teeth?Dentists conduct a root canal when a tooth is extremely damaged that the pulp is affected. An infection spreading to the pulp can bring much more damage if not dealt with. A dentist will remove the damaged pulp and other unwanted tissues in the canal, before filling the cavity with a dental material and sealing it. A crown may be placed for additional protection.

If you are prepping for a root canal treatment, a dentist will tell you the expectations and everything you should know about the aftercare tips. As a general rule, you will feel completely normal after the treatment except for the infection-related swelling and pain, which may continue for a short while. However, there may be discomfort related to the procedure itself and not the pain. Here are things you can do following a root canal procedure for the quickest and smoothest recovery possible.

Avoid Eating Right Away

Do not eat immediately after you receive the treatment. Wait until the numbness disappears fully. Once you begin eating, take care not to bite or chew directly with the just-treated tooth until the tenderness in that area goes away.

Use Warm Salted Water

Gargle the mouth using warm water mixed with salt as it helps maintain a clean mouth and prevents a re-infection of the gums around the treated tooth. Do this for a few days, but don't use hot water.

Cold Compresses

Use cold compresses and eat ice cream to help subside the swelling after treatment. There may be sensitivity on that tooth, so avert eating ice cream in that area of the mouth. Use the cold compresses several times each day until the swelling disappears.

Most people feel much better once they have a root canal performed than they felt with the toothache. However, it will take several days before recovering fully. The tooth will remain sore for a couple of days, but it should get better and improve every day. Visit us for a root canal or learn more about the procedure.

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